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Netherlands' Orange Festival


Orange Festival- Netherlands
Every year, on the 30th of April, the Dutch people celebrate an Orange Festival, which they called "Queen's Day" (or Koninginnedag) with cultural music, free market, and general joviality. But this year's "Queen's Day" is different, because the festival was specially organized to honour Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands of her Silver Anniversary Jubilee. Being the 25th Anniversary of the Orange is the colour of the their Royal family. You can see that the Amsterdamís streets, roads, parks and canals come alive in a sea of Orange. It is preferable if not mandatory to wear orange during this national event of the Amsterdam Orange Festival.
Although Queen's Day is the national holiday celebrating the Queen's Birthday, a tradition begun initially to honour the previous Queen Juliana (the mother of current Queen Beatrix), it has been specifically related with the Royal Orange Celebration-the colour which splashes across the country-represents happiness, zest, success, and creativity, and also the hospitality of the Dutch people.